Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Kim Kardashian Shoe Dazzle Impression!

Ugh! I am having one heck of a time with my videos for some reason! I made this video several days ago, but Windows Movie Maker would continuously lock up every time I tried to edit and finalize it! So, I tried a different program that has distorted the video and made it rather grainy-looking, and I have an HD video camera! Go figure!
But, I was finally able to upload my video on my first Shoe Dazzle experience! I love, love, love my shoes and was so happy with my selection! They fit well and, aside from needing scuffing on the soles of the shoes to keep me from busting my butt, they are near perfect! I can't wait to show you guys the shoes I picked out for the month of March - they are just as awesome. A little edgier than the red heels, but so gorgeous!

Just how beautiful are they?!?!


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Calia Yang said...

those shoes are totally uberly cute and SEXY!!!!!!! Red goes well with you.

ps. tag your it - i award you - but you probably have already gotten this award.