Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exfoliation 101: Body Scrubbin'

I don't know of anything I love more than the feel of freshly exfoliated, intensely moisturized skin! There is just something about my skin feeling like a baby's bottom that I crave and it gives me a mental high when I know that I have sloughed away dead skin and all that's left is absolute freshness. Your skin is your biggest feature, so you should make it stand out with a radiant, healthy glow of beauty.

My shower indulgence is The Body Shop's Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Salt Scrub. I have been using this product for years, it is my trusty standby. I have yet to find a scrub that makes my skin tingle and feel as incredible as it does after using this product! I have tried so many, yet I always come back to this one.

Since my skin is normal, I generally exfoliate once a week. (Those with more oily skin should exfoliate no more than twice a week. We don't want to overdo it - the benefit is no greater!) I really try to make it a weekly thing for me during the summer, due to the excess perspiration and oil production, which leads to a speedier accumulation of dead cells. Ewww, I know! However, like the rest of you out there, I have a busy life and sometimes a quick shower is all I have time for! Therefore my exfoliation regime consists of a few variations!

#1: If I'm in a super hurry, I will throw on a pair of bath gloves and lather up with Dove soap, using gentle circular motions. I prefer Dove because it is moisturizes as it cleans. I like The Body Shop's Bath Gloves - mainly because I love the color selection. I'm partial to orange - it's bright and cheerful and makes me happy! LOL!

#2: My typical weekly routine - After washing with soap, I use my Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Salt Scrub. I just use my bare hands for this because the scrub contains enough exfoliants to do the job.

#3: If it has been two weeks or more since I exfoliated or if I have been really active (a.k.a. sweating a lot!) - This is when I get intense! After washing with soap, I will use the bath gloves along with the scrub to really get the nasties off. Be careful not to be too harsh! These two together are quite a duo and you do not want to be too abrasive with your skin.

My Dynamic Duo

After each exfoliation, I follow with a deep moisturizer. My fave for the summer is The Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter. It is so rich and creamy and feels like silk! My skin soaks it up and feels absolutely amazing afterwards. Plus, the scent is to die for! It doesn't have the strong, overwhelming smell that some products have, especially those that are supposed to smell like coconut. It's a very light, clean, fresh, coconut smell. It's heavenly, I tell ya!

My Ménage a Trios!

Finish this off with my favorite comfies, a glass of red wine, and a great movie and I'm a happy chic!
Until next time, XOXO!

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