Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nail Polish Haul for Y'all!

Hi, Beauties! As much as I hate it, the glorious days of summer are coming to an end. Soon, we will be saying good-bye to the hot pinks, bright corals, and fantastics teals & turquoise-colored nails that we have been able to flaunt over the past few months, and hello to the rich golds, browns, and burgundies that define fall. So, I kept that in mind as I was browsing my local Sally's & ULTA stores, searching for new polish. Like I really need any more, right? But they had such gorgeous colors to bring in the fall season that I couldn't resist!

The first color is called Unplugged. It's a very rich brown-bronze sparkly color. Very pretty! Definitely looking forward to wearing this one!

Next up is In Awe of Amber. It looks orange in the picture, but it is actually a golden/bronze color. It kind of reminds me of the Scatterays solar bits from MAC's Style Warriors collection. This color can easily be transitioned from summer to fall. Beautiful!!

This one is one of my favorites! It's called Avalanche, and it is awesome! It's a purple enhanced platinum with a lot of shine!

This one is OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. It's a matte taupe. I'm not quite sure if I'm really feeling this one. I liked it in the store, but now that I look at it at home, I just don't know!

This one is called Black Diamond. It's very similar to OPI's "Baby It's Coal Outside!" The only difference is that this one is not quite as sparkly! I love black/dark polish. Some people think it's a little gothic, but I think is glamorous!

I know this next one isn't a fall type color, but I've been eyeing it for a while. It's Melon of Troy. It's a beautiful shimmery apricot color. Very feminine and pretty!

How in the world I have bypassed this color for so long, I do not know! I mean, look at it! It's called Coconut Kiss. A vibrant shimmery grape color. Another really great transition color!

The whole she-bang! I'm so excited!

You can be sure that these will be coming up soon in my Polish of the Week posts!

On another note, I will be on vacation next week! I'm so excited! I will be heading to the North Carolina eastern coast for a week! So looking forward to sun and relaxation! I will try to have some posts scheduled, but I can't promise. But I will back and posting regularly the following week!

Until next time, XOXO!!

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